Single focuser

I am a horrible multi-tasker. Except I didn’t know this until this year, possibly and probably two months ago. Or I probably subconsciously knew it in the way I find it so hard to work on a test sheet for work, answer an email to my manager, draft another to a client to get the answer for the email to my manager, and book a flight and reserve lodging for next week’s engagement…

Or in the way I struggle to organize my to-do’s, write a blog post, plan my upcoming week, find a good podcast to listen to during tomorrow’s impending traffic…

But not being able to multi-task is not as difficult and frustrating as expecting myself to be a multi-tasker and failing at it. We live in a society where we need to get everything done and get everything done fast. Nobody has time to dawdle and definitely not to take a millisecond longer on an activity.

So every day, I failed. I sucked, as a student previously, as an employee, as an individual that wanted to make moves on her dreams and writing and future. Every day was a flurry of the so-called go-getter mentality and constant movement indicating productivity.

One day, I realized I didn’t have to suck. I realized I was trying to be someone I’m not, an idea of the ideal person, someone who is able to handle 7 things at once and kill it in all of them. I realized I only sucked when I tried to be that person. And I’m clearly not that person. And that person doesn’t exist. So I was sucking for no reason, or no good reason.

I’m a horrible multi-tasker. But I’m a really good single-focuser. I’m really good at getting really into one thing and working on that until completion. And when I do, I can get it done pretty fast and well. Knowing I’m a better single-focuser taught me to organize my day and prioritize my to-do list so I can set myself up for getting tasks done my way, one by one, and not suck.

And when the to-do list gets thrown out the window sometimes with unforeseen requests from managers mixed in with impending deliverables, my mind has been put as ease to still be productive. And still focus on one thing at a time.

Hi, my name is Grace and I’m a single-focuser. I no longer suck.

Happy Wednesday!







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