Don’t do it

I have so many to-do lists I need a not-to-do list. Here we go.

  1. Start more books
  2. Buy more books… maybe
  3. Feel like finances are an obstacle
  4. Feel like I need to know more to do more
  5. Feel like I need to finish all my books before I can move onto other books I’m really looking forward to
  6. Not write
  7. Browse for a new laptop… specifically on which only has laptops outside y budget lol.
  8. Try to find the perfect planner/journal for 2017. Think I’m going to be making one myself somehow lol.
  9. Not try new things that make me scared, nervous, and/or excited
  10. Try to do everything at once i.e. take online courses, read every interesting-sounding email, read every inspirational book, listen to every amazing podcast, etc.

I realize this is basically another to-do list that just requires more thinking to understand hahah.

Happy Friday! (Central Time)

Your turn

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