Are you listening?

This post was chilling in my drafts for a couple months now. I didn’t even know it was there haha. I think I was afraid it was too… fuzzy and abstract or something to post or associate myself with. But I believe time always tells and as I read what had been written, I don’t deny I stand by it still. Hope you enjoy.


The universe speaks. Everyday. Are you listening? The secret to life is that the universe speaks. The secret it tells aren’t the secret itself. It’s that the universe speaks.

That if you listen, genuinely earnestly tune your ears to listen, to understand, to be enlightened, to live above the mindless movement of life, to reach deep into the cavern of the soul and mind….

The universe speaks.

The hardest thing in the world is to understand that and then the next hardest thing is to believe what’s being spoken.

Because believing what’s being spoken oftentimes requires us to let go – let go of our ideas of the world and self, our routine thoughts, the expectations from others and ourselves. Yet, I believe, to let go is our life’s task, and our hearts are our guides. To pursue what’s real and good to us is to live the dream. And so the universe speaks when we don’t trust our hearts.

We all want to live in that freedom but we forget that we are part of an ecosystem that, contrary to belief, has our best interest in mind. Our struggles and sufferings… who’s to say those things are “against” us? In what other arena do we test and experience our character, resilience, true nature, desires, purpose?

Have you ever come across an uncanny event that you weren’t sure it was a sign or not? It’s both. Because it’s up to us to take the message. It’s not that the universe is silent. It’s whether we want to listen.

Or a recurring thought returns again and again… and again… Sometimes we dismiss it because practicality and the known is easier to process. That, also, is the universe speaking. Because you’re part of it and it’s a part of you. Your intuition is an extension of the collective consciousness. And it’s for you. The things you want for yourself, it wants for you. Not a lot of people believe it though. They create a life of strife and struggle and resistance. Sometimes it’s a source of pride and strength for them. Sometimes it’s just hard.

But there’s a different world out there. It really is just up to us to decide which message we want to take away from our experiences.


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