One last thought

As I head out to New Year’s Eve ratchetivities — which really just means more makeup than usual and a pre-paid entrance fee to a venue — I’m enlivened by the fact that I’m alive, I have good people around me, and I have something to look forward to. I don’t mean something to look forward to at the end of this night, but this lifetime. This is just one night, one moment of many.

Not everyone gets that luxury. I didn’t even know I had it until sometime this year.

Really, I don’t have any lack. It’s not my circumstances or the money in my bank or the things I have that make me feel like I’m full. I just am!

Hahah. Seriously. I re-read one of my journal entries and I had written, “everything that will ever be written by me is already within me.”

I am the source of my happiness, the beginning of the explosion that is happening, will happen. The universe, God are part of it, part of me. And I can find no crack in this sense of peace.

I’m continually learning to know and follow my heart. It’s a constant experiencing all I am within. I have no excuse to live, to enjoy, to breathe. No excuse to not be grateful. No excuse to complain. This life is full.

Breathe, Grace, breathe. Everything in due time. Just keep being all you are, all you want to be. You are already there. You have been. Keep realizing it, keep experiencing it. There is no end, unless you choose.

With that said, here’s to an amazing never-again-to-be-had 2016.

With that said, here’s to the rest of your amazing never-again-to-be-had life. 2017, get ready to be part of it.

Happy Saturday.

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