Randomness from Orlando

Some things about the past few days in Orlando.

  • I had Mexican for dinner with a Brazilian from the Airbnb I’m staying at. It was his first time trying Mexican. Highlight of the meal? His amazement and delight at horchata, drink of the gods and “arroz con leche in a cup!!”. Let’s enjoy his excitement evidenced by his need to document it with a photo:
Joao meets Senor Horchata.
  • Everything is commercialized. It’s a given, since it’s tourist country. Everyone out-of-state is here for Disney World or Universal. Not really my cup of tea haha. Meh. That’s just me.
  • Driving two hours one way to walk and sit on the beach for 40 minutes was altogether worth it.
  • Having a lot of time to myself after running has been heaven. I’ve been staking out Starbucks to read, write, and focus on stuff I’ve been putting off. It is amazing. I actually felt happy and blissful on a weekday LOL. How sad is that?!
  • Putting together a website is harder than expected. But very fun. You actually get to create something from scratch. Okay, not really scratch, since you’re taking someone else’s design and idea first lol but after a while, it gets easier to see what’s possible. Still such a newb or noob or whatever but time well spent.
  • How is it effing 44 degrees Fahrenheit in Orlando?!?!? I thought people flocked here for warmth during the cold months?!!?! I’m appalled and feel a little deceived! Hahah. My only worry is for tomorrow’s race – it starts at 5:30 am, which is pretty much still night and cold. Meh.
  • Most importantly, I am surrounded by freaking awesome people. Thank you to everyone for your support via Instagram, Facebook, and text message!!!!!!! I feel loved and unstoppable when I think of you guys. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

K I’m done. Time for bed! Love you all.

Happy Saturday.



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