Marathon thoughts

I know, I know – I’ve posted all over Snapchat and Instagram about this damn marathon week I just had. It was a good time for me, sort of like a vacation, hell, and productive period rolled into one. And today was the culmination – the big 26.2. Below are some highlights.

Overheard while running:

  • “Holy Jesus” – referring to the cold. It was legit 35 degrees Fahrenheit. I never had to take off my jacket even though I was sweating like a pig inside.
  • “I keep asking myself, is it fucking worth the medal?” – girl to her male partner/boyfriend hahaha. Self-explanatory.

Posters of encouragement:

  • “I heard there’s bacon at the end.”
  • “Imagine what you can eat after this?!”
  • “You paid $200 for this. Just $167.77 left to go!”
  • “Donut give up!”

Things I ate:

  • Cups on cups of Powerade – I stopped at every station except one lol.
  • One banana
  • One chocolate chip cookie
  • 10 or 11 goldfish
  • One Powergel
  • One Dove chocolate (I pocketed the M&Ms for later)

People came fully dressed up:



Impressed by their passion and tenacity lol.

I have another post coming soon – one a little more serious and adult-ish haha.

This weekend has been a lot of things – boring and uneventful were not two of them. Glad to be here.

Happy Sunday.




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