No mo’ FOMO

I used to ask everyone I met while traveling for their contact info. I always wanted to find some way to connect because who knew what the future held.

I stopped. Because I stopped feeling like I would miss out if I didn’t keep these people in my life somehow. I stopped feeling like they might hold the key to a future opportunity. It’s not that this isn’t true. It’s very true. I just never know how a new connection could change my life. So I acquired and shared all information necessary to remember them and for them to remember me.

Except I think at one point – and this makes me feel a little vulnerable for some reason haha – I felt like I was chasing. I was chasing the possibilities, not realizing the possibilities, the connections, the opportunities chase too. I was afraid of missing it – missing the right encounter, chance, serendipitous meeting. Except not so serendipitous since I’m hoping for the serendipity. Know what I mean? Intention is everything.

This is also the reason I couldn’t unfollow friends on Instagram or Facebook. Ha! Yeah I’m pansy. And it’s not even the realization that I attract opportunities that set me free. It’s just… not sure why I need to follow and be friends with the whole damn world. I’m not meant to. Thank God, right? Lol.

What is it all providing me anyway? Nothing notable. Actually nothing. These people live on the fringes of my life and I on theirs. What interest do I really have in these people and their lives, happenings, statuses? None. Because the interest I do have is self-serving. And it’s not even serving me anyway lol. Not to mention it’s not serving them either haha. A mutual situation.

Wow I feel like I rambled hahah. I went from gathering contact info from strangers to cutting ties with strangers on social media. I guess they’re related. Two things.

1. I attract the right opportunities and people and exchanges. As much as it’s in my blood to seek them out, I don’t need to at the expense of my peace.

2. I need to chill out. Relax, Grace. You are great where you are. Don’t panic. Everyone you need to know will come your way. Everyone you don’t, aren’t even in it.

So, there’s this thing I’ve picked up lately that I really like.

Whenever I scroll through my Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, I unfollow people I’m not interested in following. Such a simple thing. I have no feelings, no attachment. I’ve decided for myself what I choose to surround myself with. People come, people go. I should let things flow the way they want to. If, after unfollowing someone, I think of them, miss them, want to know what’s going on, I can. Sure, it might be embarrassing for a split second thinking that they’re going to know I had unfollowed them at one point. But I’m okay with it. It’s worth my truly knowing whether I want them in my life.

And if I don’t think of them after… Then we know nothing was lost. Or maybe nothing was had to begin with.

Making that decision is worth it to me. I get to choose. Plus, there were some folks on my feed that I tended to judge a lot. Why stack up my sins and unhappiness? For what? They won’t even know lol. It’s just me and my misery and uncurated newsfeed.

So today, I’m a happy and fearless unfollower. And I encourage anyone to do the same to me. I could never take offense at someone being intentional about that. I would only want to be part of someone’s life if they want me to be a part of theirs. Only that makes sense.

Happy Thursday!

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