I want my Yeti – I got my Yeti

The sexiest thing about driving to work on Presidents’ Day – getting from home to LA office in less than 30 minutes.

The least sexy thing about driving to work on Presidents’ Day – driving to work on Presidents’ Day.

Lol anyway.

I lost my Yeti during a bachelorette party in San Diego a few weeks ago. It really did not make sense to me how it disappeared since I distinctly remember using it once and then leaving it on the counter. I know none of the other ladies jacked it because, 1) they’re good people; and 2) honestly, look at the thing. It’s monstrous lol.

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But it was/is my favorite mug/tumbler. I took it everywhere, when I traveled for work, when I traveled for funzies, to any and every cafe I visited. Next to my phone, this thing came everywhere with me.

When I lost it, I was devastated. Yes, perhaps I’m dramatic but I’m not exaggerating. I was seriously very sad, especially because the disappearance was a mystery. I ransacked the suite and even hit up the entertainer we had hired the day after we left. It was nowhere to be found…

I accepted it and although I wanted to buy a new one, I think I couldn’t get over it hahah. It sounds like a bad breakup, doesn’t it?? Lolll.

Anyway, I couldn’t move on and resigned to using cafe cups and stopped brewing coffee at home. Ugh I’m so weak!

Fast forward to yesterday – Stef wanted to drop something off. I had no idea what it was and thought maybe it was food she had Esther had made the other day.

Obviously, it wasn’t. She and Esther had bought the damn thing, included a card written by Esther and illustrated by Stef, and printed out a picture of themselves with a their signatures scrawled on top, and presented it to me – just because.

There was no occasion, no reason, no event. Maybe it was my incessant talking about the mysterious disappearance. Maybe it was my apparent devastation.

It’s not that this was such an expensive purchase, but that made my day. When I saw it, my heart melted hahaha. Damn sometimes I feel like a bitch but then sometimes I feel like a puppy.

So, I want to thank the best friends of best friends, for thinking of me, for the pleasure of being surprised, for the laughter from reading the card, for the sense of feeling loved, even through a stupid stainless steel tumbler I couldn’t get over. This is just the icing on the cake of perpetual good vibes, amazing uninhibited conversations, neverending laughter, raw goodness on all levels. You da best.

Here’s to Monday, here’s to friendship, here’s to coffee kept warm all throughout the morning.


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