Portland in a nutshell

I had booked the week of vacation without much thought beside racing to schedule it before I got staffed.

I had booked the flight to Portland, OR without much thought beside glorying in the fact it cost about $130 (which actually ended up costing $250 lol).

I had contacted a good friend, Ben, without much thought besides catching up with an awesome human.

I had arrived in Portland without much thought except eating good food, drinking in some greenery, eating some donuts, and visiting a couple waterfalls.

Then everything happened.

A hike that turned into a fight for life – hahaha but seriously. Ben’s and my final thought about that day is that I became very close to God that day. More in another post.

A chill afternoon at a cafe that turned into a melding of three minds hungry to do good and bring our creativity to life in the world.

A kayaking adventure that turned into a ride in a haunted amusement park, irresolute search for river otters, more laughter than paddling sometimes, docking our kayaks on the wrong deck, getting back in and re-docking, and, of course, amazing conversation.

An uncertainty of walking into the Apple store that turned into a purchase that solidifies commitment and belief in what I envision for myself.

An attempt to get a drink at a rooftop bar that ended up inside due to rain that turned into an indescribably amazing conversation with a stranger, no longer a stranger.

This week has been something else. I never would have imagined or even hoped for what it has been and given.

I come away with 5 things:

  1. Buy hiking boots
  2. Cafes are not a bad place to hang out when exploring
  3. Check the dock before getting off the damn kayak
  4. Forge steel nerves resistant to sales tactics before walking into any retail store
  5. Stay open to all possibilities and connections. Stay hungry and foolish – always.

All in all – Portland has a special part in my heart and memory. I went at a time of the year that doesn’t invite many visitors; all week the forecast was rain, snow, rain, and rain. I went with nothing planned. I went – I just went and that was enough.

Thanks, Portlandia.

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