Tri Training

It’s official. Triathlon training begins tomorrow. Why tomorrow, a Friday, and not a Monday?

Because I did my research late and now I have 18 weeks and two days to complete a 20 week program. So it begins tomorrow.

This will be quite different from marathon training. Obviously.

I’m looking forward to it, to the swimming, the biking, the running, and everything in between.

And to be honest, I’m just riding the momentum of the marathon training – thanks for Mauro. Lol. I know it’s possible and all it takes is to show up every day. Just like that.

I still do need to buy a new swimsuit to train in, a wetsuit, new tires for the bike, and possibly new shoes. Probably not shoes though. Let’s do it.

Also, here’s Month 1 of the plan I’ll be following for funzies. Numbers are minutes.

Tri Plan Month 1

I’m partially putting this up to keep myself accountable lol. Let’s see how fun this gets.

Happy Thursday.






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