I love my gym except for one thing

I’ve been a proud holder of a gym membership for the last 2 months. Up until 2 months ago, I’d never owned one. I feel cool, like I’m part of a club with my little barcode that I swipe to pass through the stiles bahaha. And it’s a nice feeling, I have a place to work out, swim, bike, scope out the local male specimen – I mean, run and train lol.

I love everything about it – there’s a tanning section, which I will probably never see the insides of, a “Cardio Cinema” or “Cinema Cardio” where they set up a bunch of ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills in front of a huge movie screen and they play a movie all today. Yesterday’s was Inception – I always check the listing for the day even though I never go in lol. There’s the pool where I’ve been swimming three times a week. They have a towel service with the options of a big or small towel – oh, what?! And in the locker room, there’s this contraption that magically dries my swimsuit in 15 seconds. Amazing.

Swimsuit dryer

But there’s one thing about that gym I really really don’t like. Like a lot.

It drives me nuts for some reason. And I really hate that I dislike it so much. I like to think of myself as a pretty open and accepting human being. But I’m barely coming to terms with myself, the fact that I don’t like this thing. And I’m almost terrified to share my secret because I feel like people will think I’m an uncultured ignoramus. Which I’m okay with, I think.

I hate the music they play in the women’s locker room. They play jazz.

And I really don’t like it. Lol.

Ugh!! When I cross the threshold from sweat-inducing territory to sweat-purging territory, I take a deep breath and almost grit my teeth. Okay, I do grit my teeth lol. I don’t know what it is about the combination of the locker room and jazz that doesn’t work for me, because I’ve never once thought I disliked it to this extent until now.

I keep telling myself that if I keep telling that I don’t like the music, I’m only going to dislike it more. So I’m trying to accept it. Just let go, Grace, let go. It’s going to be okay.

So what’s the point of this post? Nothing. Just a confession that has been brewing in my mind the past couple weeks and there wasn’t someone I could vent to about this without sounding so annoyed and ignorant. So instead I’m throwing this out into cyberspace where ironically, I feel safer. Lol.

Thanks for letting me waste your time! 🙂







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    haha that’s cute

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