On Being Sick and On Life – 3/100

Being sick sucks. My throat had gone hoarse a couple days before and I knew I shouldn’t have consumed alcohol two out of two weekend nights. But I did. And I paid the consequence by missing a workout, laying in my PJ’s on the couch all day, sweating out the fever, and cancelling my appointments for the day.

The saving grace was I got to finish most of a book while laying on the couch.

Currently, I’m at 78 words… just 422 to go…

Life is crazy. I say that a lot, if you’re around me often. It makes me crazy and smile. A lot. Because life is truly a work of art. It can be so arbitrary yet so designed. It makes us go, “Who would’ve thought?” and “Of course it had to be.”

It’s the equalizer of humanity. No one knows what’s in store but there are truths that stand across cultures, time, space. Does that make sense?

Life is a beautiful thing when we let it. It’s a beautiful thing when we stop striving, when we stop seeing it as a battle, a war, an endless struggle. We are not against it, it is not against us. Like Tony Robbins says, Life is for us.

When I heard that, that made me stop a moment. Not because I had been feeling like the world was against me and I was up against the odds. No. Just because, I had never imagined that a favorable outcome was in my favor. I thought I had to work hard and fight for everything. Not to say that life is a breeze either. But knowing that life is for us, that the universe wants it to work out for us make life a delight.

When you know that everything will be better than okay in the end, you live each day leaning forward, excited, expecting, humble, and curious.

We don’t have to though. We can choose to live a “realistic” life confined within our minds and constructs. We can choose to manifest our limitations and allow them to speak for us. We can choose to continue to fight and suffer.

But we don’t have to do that either haha. There’s nothing we really have to do. We can just exist if we want. And actually, many of us do. We simply exist today like all the tomorrows are guaranteed. And that’s the biggest lie we believe. Because only today is guaranteed. Every day.

We forget we are mortal. And even more, we forget our mortal lives are created for more than we probably are aware of. The tugging of our hearts and souls, the dreams that won’t die. We have the universe within. We don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to doubt, we don’t have to hesitate.

But we do, because we are mortal. We choose to believe in our mortality, rather than our amazing humanity to guide our actions, words, and thoughts. We are our limits and we’re damn good at it.

Late night musings in an attempt to keep up with my 100 day challenge lol.

Happy Sunday/Monday.

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    1. It’s in the works! This weekend was a bit busy and I’m getting over being sick. Today, I had to be in LA. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow! Thanks for checking! 😀

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