A boring post only bloggers think about – 16/100

Sometimes I wonder how to increase traffic to my blog. I noticed that most of my posts on relationships and dating caused a spike on clicks to my blog from Facebook. And most of my other posts don’t. Hahah.

I wonder why that is. Should I focus on relationships and dating? Or should I just go with what I know? I honestly would love to share more about relationships and dating but it’s hard to come up with things out of the blue.

And I think it’s sometimes hard to voluntarily be vulnerable. If I were asked questions, that might be easier, because it at least feels like I have a reason to share. But then again, I’d want to counter that with the fact that just having an experience itself qualifies anyone to share, know what I mean?

I wonder if I need to start calculating the time of day I post… I tried that a couple times in the past. And I didn’t take it seriously enough haha. Everything just seemed so arbitrary. All I know about my writing is that I write, I post, people read, some people respond. And that’s it.

Personally, I want to keep it like that. Just really simple. But then I wonder if I’m not working hard enough to get this going the direction I want it to go. I wonder if I’m neglecting important aspects and being irresponsible for not looking into different techniques and guidelines.

Or maybe I really don’t give a shit. And I really just want to write. Write for those who care enough to search out my stuff. Write for those who have subscribed. Write for me.

I just want to write. That’s all. It’s important enough to write about haha. I want to improve and perfect this thing. I want to treat it like a craft and a business, not just a hobby. Perhaps, there’s my answer. If I want to treat it like a craft, I have to hone it every day. If I want to treat it like a business, I need metrics and data.


Maybe it’s time I got smart about this endeavor.

I also want to update all my categories. That’s a ridiculous number of categories to the right of this page. I don’t use most of them lol. I have a mind to go back to my very first posts and start re-categorizing them. I have a little over 500 posts so… this might take a while lol.

For some reason, I want to tidy up. I guess as I’m writing more, spending more time here, I want it to be a tight operation lol. I want everything to make sense and flow. I want to get rid of miscellaneous unnecessary things. This is my home. I’m proud of it hahaha. This tiny little blog in a nook of cyberspace… I’m proud of it. It speaks of a journey I was willing and able to share at the time.

Of course there were many things that weren’t put up here over the years, but I just remember that what I did share was what I wanted to remember. And that’s enough for me.

To end, I may have to start reading up on improving traffic or something. Because I gotta do my due diligence. And I definitely need to spend time doing housekeeping on this here blog. Seriously one of my favorite things. Holla.

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