A few pet peeves – 18/100

Let’s talk pet peeves today.

Whenever it comes up in conversation, I get a blank every time. But I know that’s not true. Because there are plenty times when I throw my hands up or roll my eyes. Or just dismiss it immediately out of my mind and life.

Here are a couple that I’ve pondered on before lol.

  • Following people on Instagram to get followers. You know those people – you have no idea who they are, but they found you via your likes or comments on another person’s feed. They follow you and then unfollow after an appropriate period of time. Call me narrow-minded but I find that intolerable for some reason. It’s cool if an unknown person/organization likes and comments on a gram but I feel like following is unnecessary and deceptive. Basically, I feel like they’re playing the emotions that comes with getting more followers, which makes the followed person more inclined to follow back. But it was an insincere gesture. Meh. And now I feel so dumb for feeling this strongly about this hahaha. No to false follows!!! Bahahaha.
  • Not owning up to true intentions. Some people try to suggest things to make it seem like it’s my desire. Or they try to make it go a certain way so it seems like they’re trying to benefit me but there’s something else that’s driving them to make it go that certain way. At this point, sometimes I act dumb and ask why it has to go that way, and that the other way seemed perfectly fine. But in nicer terms. Because I’m supposed to be playing dumb. I don’t mind making things more convenient for the other person, going out of my way (as far as I can) if they could simply own up to it, and voice it. I have a hard time having compassion for those who try to manipulate others and the situation. Because manipulation is all about ulterior motives and I’m just not down with that.
  • Motorcyclists that don’t show appreciation when I move to the side of the lane for them. But then, that makes me lame for expecting anything in return. And, maybe many cars do it for motorcyclists so they get tired of putting down their hand in a gesture of gratitude. This isn’t that as big a deal as the previous two. But a part of me gets sad and annoyed when they ignore my gesture! Bahahah I’m so full of it.

And… that’s all I could think of for now hahah.

Would love to hear other people’s pet peeves. I think it’s interesting what bothers people. Sometimes I think there’s a deeper reason why – like for me, maybe I’m insecure about people not really wanting to get to know me when they follow me just to get me to follow them. Maybe I just don’t want to deal with the possibility that they’re using me to grow their numbers and I don’t want to be used. I don’t know lol.

Anyway, life is too short, too beautiful, too bombtastic to focus on pet peeves and other negativity.

A future post topic to counter this: things that make me laugh. That list would go on forever lol.






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