A little strategy, a little design is all I need – 22/100

I’ve completed 21% of the challenge (22% after this one). Only 78 more posts to go. Or 39,000 words. Actually more, since I go over about 100-200 words. So, only 46,800 – 54,600 words to go. Lol.

Every day, it’s almost a scramble to post. I’m thinking about what to write throughout the day. It’s a miracle and blessing when I find a topic early on, before I settle down to write. All the other times, I’m staring at a blank page for a few minutes hahah. Not the most efficient way to go about this.

It also means I’m writing off the top of my head most of the time. It means whatever is at my fingertips, whatever happened that day, whatever is freshest in my memory gets written. Yet there are so many things I want to write about, things that go beyond happenings and passing thoughts. Things about the human condition, spirituality, integrity, character, productivity, relationships, friendship, meditation…

I realized this whole thing needs a little strategy, a little design to truly be what I want it to be, and not just a 100 day scramble. I don’t want to spend the next 77 days scrambling. It’s not fun. And it’s not effective in saying what truly matters to me consistently.

So I’ve been brainstorming about the things I want to talk about, doing the whole cluster thing with the circles and branching out – something I haven’t done since elementary school lol. Later, I’ll organize everything and create a list for reference on any given day. I may go as far as to plan out the week – so Mondays are for motivational topics, Tuesdays for relationships, Wednesdays for productivity, etc.

The point of this post isn’t about the 100 day challenge, to be honest. The point of this post is that if I don’t intend to get something done, it ain’t gon’ get done. If I don’t plan, I’m planning not to execute. Such a simple concept. Only took me 28 years to learn.

There are so many things I want to do in this life and none of it will get done with “let’s see how this goes” or “when I have time”. No such thing.

I’m learning it is a mercenary life to live a good creative productive life. It’s ruthless. I’m not saying I have to spend every waking moment focused on something or spend sleepless nights trying to get things done. I think being intentional prevents sleepless nights.

All that intention and desire plotted, designed, and broken down to action steps keeps us on track when it seems so much easier to just lay… down… for one minute…. or to accept every damn invitation for happy hour or to catch up with someone endlessly. Those things aren’t bad. They’re just not what I’m going to be remembering fondly when I look back. They’re not memorable, they don’t leave traces of diligence and sweat.

Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes the best ideas and motivation come from doing all those things, being free and relaxed and enjoying yourself. But when you’ve set your mind on a goal, that’s it. Get ‘er done.

No one is holding me accountable except me. No one wants what I want the way I want, how badly I want except me. No one is willing to put in work, to bleed, sweat, and cry over the things that matter to me except me.

Just me. And the universe / God.

And I’m not about to let “fate” get its way by submitting my destiny to it. This life is so much more intentional than that. We have so much more capacity to create and be of value if we recognized the responsibility we are capable of.

And this responsibility isn’t a burden. That word has been tainted by association with “adulthood”, which is total bullshit. Another day, another post. True responsibility, in my opinion, is the innate desire to move and respond to the world according to what we’re made of, according to what we believe and value. It’s innate and it’s compelling – it’s something we have to do, not because of external forces and pressure, but because of our inner composition and drive*.

But I digress. I realize how much of my mindset and preparation has to do with getting shit done. I used to beat myself up for not being productive and checking off boxes like a master. It wasn’t until way later that I realized I was doing it all wrong. I was moving without understanding my Why and without charting my course. I was floundering in the ocean with no compass, no destination, with only the thought that checking off boxes meant efficiency and effectiveness.

I laugh at that now. Sitting down and thinking things through, fully understanding the scope at hand, breaking down the big picture into the smallest actions is the crux of action. Nobody trains for the Olympics without a freaking plan. Nobody starts a successful business without a plan. Or if they do, at one point, they need to they asses down to reassess everything, top to bottom. Even novels are broken down and planned out, as much as they are a seemingly more “organic” art.

I’m just saying, that I have no excuse for shitty execution. Execution begins with preparation and preparation begins with intention and intention begins with myself. I’m writing this in a way to keep myself accountable lol. Less do dees.

Inner Engineering really changed my understanding of responsibility, if you care to read for yourself. It’s starts on page 48 though the entire book is pretty amazing.






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