Summary of birthday celebration and some pictures to prove it – 30/100

My birthday being on a weekday, I wanted to go out the weekend before. I created a public event on Facebook and shared it on my wall. My philosophy was and is that anyone that could see it and had even an inkling of a desire to go was welcome. Seriously.

That made feel super vulnerable – What if no one showed up? What if I looked a fool? Why did I think I was cool enough for people to come out?

At the end of the day, it came down to – Would I rather try it out and see what happens? Or tuck away the desire to enjoy whoever would come out and forego the delight of surprises?

Several years back, I would never have thought about putting myself out there. The risk was too high, though the reward was infinitely higher. But now, I just wanted to see everyone and I wanted the whole world to know they’re welcome. I couldn’t imagine hiding and ignoring that.

Saturday night rolls around and some people message to let me know they can’t make it. That in itself was sweet – I really appreciated they thought of me. My ladies and I got to the brewery and people start showing up. And it was awesome.

The whole time I was so happy, even before people started showing up haha. I just felt full. And I knew that no matter what, it was good. So seeing everyone was a bonus and such a trip and a blast. I couldn’t have asked for more. I don’t know what it is but I love people. I love talking with people and being happy for and with them. Being surrounded by people I love and enjoy is everything.

Well, part of everything for that night. The other part was dancing lol. We went out to a club/lounge nearby and stayed til closing. Honestly – could not have asked for more. I definitely felt special – and it wasn’t about the number of people, the venue, anything.

It’s just being alive and being able to celebrate. That’s all. I may feel insecure or fearful of life but regardless, I’m alive. That’s enough.

Here are some pictures from that night. Enjoy!


Stef, me, and Esther. I’m complete.


The Bae hahaha. Seriously love this girl. We met in 2014 for accounting internship (she was already working at a firm I was interested in) and we hit it off. Pretty sure we talked about the internship the first 10 minutes and moved onto other topics for the rest of the 3 hours lol. Too many good times with this one.


Bae and her work clique, Andrew and Peter haha. Good time with them as well.


My goodness – seriously was so happy to see them haha. They make me happy. That is all.


And of course. Btw, Cake House makes some bombass cake.

Here’s me thinking I’m slick with the cake lollll. Esther sent me the pictures the next day and I felt like a fooool lollll. But it was tres leches, c’mon now haha!


Stef, Esther, and me at 3am. 20 bucks goes a long way at Jack in the Crack, I tell you. No regrets were had.

Anyway. I’m happy. Hahaha that’s not too hard to tell, I know. It was a sweet night. For everyone who came out – I can’t express how grateful I was and am to see you. I’m sure you know that. And for those who didn’t… next year!! Hahaha.






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