Too good to be true – 36/100

Life is beautiful. Life is good.

I came home from meeting an old friend for a coaching session, working on setting up the upcoming week, getting stuff done, and grabbing dinner with a cool person I met on a dating app.

Life is good and beautiful not because of a certain thing, person, or food. It is the way it is because it just is. And because I choose to see it like that.

It’s very empowering to realize that I there is no one reality. It is truly what I make of it. I could have complained about the traffic to LA on a Sunday, that the good friend was late to our meeting, that the table was minuscule for my laptop and other gear, that the valet people wouldn’t let me keep my car parked in the lot, that the line at Salt & Straw was too long, that so many things.

But why?

Do these things take away from the sunshine? The good vibes? The freedom, honesty, love, good conversation? Do these things affect my heart and soul?

I tell myself again and again – I live such a good life. Truly.

And I’m proud of myself because I used to be the world’s biggest complainer. Like #1.

I always felt like the underdog, like I got the short end of the stick every time, all the time. I felt like I was struggling to get by, to understand myself, understand how to be and live. I felt inadequate in every day. I felt unfavored, dismissed, neglected.

But today. I feel different. I feel like I have everything in the whole freaking world. I have everything I want. I want everything I have. I know that everything I need to live this amazing life, I have within. Everything I need to know, I know. Everyone that I need to know, I know.

There’s no such thing as lack. There’s no room for If only… and Oh, well.

There’s only room for Yassssss and Fuck yeahhhhh.

Laughter crowds my day leaving no room for self-pity, worthlessness, emptiness. Excitement seeps through pushing aside fear and hesitation. Hunger and curiosity peer through the fog of unknown.

Everywhere I go, I imagine life is for me. For the first time, I live like life is for me. I live like I belong. I live like I might know what I’m doing. Whether I really do or not… is for you to find out hahah.

Everyone I meet, I’m fascinated by. Okay, that’s a lie. There are some people I don’t really care for nor are drawn to. But for the most part, I’m intrigued by encounters and experiences and reach deeper for meaningful connection. I walk away from each person that I care about or appears interesting to me gaining more for myself, learning and growing, becoming perfected and more whole.

Everything I do, I do wholeheartedly. I’ve become less and less afraid to fail, more and more compelled to pursue with all my heart and soul. I dive into everything, and when I’m afraid to dive in, I give myself time. Because sometimes time is all it takes to get going. And even then, I’m all in.

I love this life. I feel loved. I am loved.

Whoever’s reading this – you are loved. Massively, grandly, completely.

Whooooooooooo! Here’s to an amazing week. Hollaaaaa.

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