Some random facts about me – 40/100

I struggled a bit with today’s post. Not the one you’re about to read. But the one that I tried to squeeze out. About life and its lessons and profundity. I think I can skip that – the past couple posts have been sorta abstract and woo-woo.

I don’t know who might be interested but I wanted to share a little about myself. Or a lot. I love sharing and talking in general. Though this post doesn’t necessarily serve my goal to inspire and connect, I’m okay with it.

So here are some “interesting” facts about me.

  • I open my bags of chips and snacks upside down. I don’t know why. Or I think it’s because I feel like they’ve been sitting right side up the whole time and they must feel stale and tired… so I shake things up a bit and turn ’em upside down.
  • I don’t like karaoke but when driving down the freeway, usually at night, I have a couple songs I blast and sing/scream to. One of them is The Scientist by Coldplay and the other is Creep by Radiohead. Super cathartic.
  • I never let Google Maps navigate me. I search the route, read the directions, and watch the blue dot on the screen to see where I should be heading. I think it’s because I don’t like being told what to do. I could see that.
  • My friend sent me an article, What Does The Size Of Your Pinkie Finger Say About Your Personality? hahah. I’m a Type B. One thing that struck me was this: Although people think that you don’t need anyone, you secretly dream of finding your soulmate. — At first, I thought this didn’t match me. But on second thought, and after putting my guard a little, I realized this is true. As much as I’m aware of and am proud of my independence, I also believe there’s a human being out there for me. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. But I still think there’s someone out there.
  • I like physical activity. People think I’m crazy when I talk about my workouts, distance, frequency. I try to explain that when I run, I feel like I’m meant to run. I may not be the fastest, but it’s in me, it’s a part of me. When I swim, I also feel like I’m mean to swim. It’s part of who I am. When I bike, I don’t always feel like I’m meant to bike, but I feel like it’s a part of me to push myself when it hurts. So, in that way, I’m meant for it. I don’t do it to stay in shape or for health. I do it because it’s part of my whole. I wouldn’t be me without it. It’s why I have a hard time actually working out with weights – I don’t feel like that’s what I’m naturally meant to do… it’s mostly movement of specific muscles, not necessarily getting touch with your whole body as one machine.
  • I have the best relationship with my brother. I bring it up because he was, at one point, my nemesis. And now I feel like we’re friends. This is important to me. He is a big part of my life, though I take him for granted many times. I’m proud to be his sister and I’m proud of him immensely. And when he makes it big, I expect him to give me shout outs every now and then so I don’t get insecure.
  • When I make bank and have more flexibility in life, I’m going to open my home to foster care. The goal is to eventually adopt an older child, around middle school or high school age. This very important to me. Many people I’ve spoken to say they want younger children so they can have a chance to raise them their way. That’s not important to me. I want someone who has lost and been lost to find and be found. I may not be the perfect adult – I know I’m not – but I know what it means to have a second chance, for life and the world to flip inside out and upside down in the name of love and grace. If I could share that with someone, I’m happy.
  • I’m a pretty decent shot at the shooting range. The guys I’ve gone with have all been satisfactorily surprised. It’s a pretty therapeutic activity. Not the violence part – the focus aspect of it. With the gun in my hand, my breath on hold, and my eyes lining up the sights with the target ahead, the world fades. It’s a sweet place to be, for that moment.

That’s all I can think of for now. This has been fun. Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.


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