Why am I here? – 62/100

A question that’s been coming up recently is – How do I serve?

Or, What is my gift and contribution to the world?

Or, What is my capacity … ?

There are so many ways to pose the question but it all boils down to one thing – Who am I?

Okay, maybe to two things – And who do I want to be and become for others?

That’s not to say that I’m going to lose myself in service to others. It’s the exact opposite, actually. Because serving others requires full and complete presence.

It means showing up exactly and fully as we are, whatever we are. It means understanding and loving our being enough that we open up and share ourselves with others. It means pulling from within, allowing our full selves to manifest and express the purpose and passion vested inside. There’s no other way to serve.

It’s not an obligation, not an attempt to secure our worth. It’s an expression of humanity and spirit within us.

It’s not for the faint of heart – it’s for those who embody their hearts fearlessly. Their vulnerability inspires and their full presence shifts something in others’ lives and hearts.

It’s not for those who treat life as a give-and-take. It’s not for those who wonder what they can get out of it. It’s for those who aren’t afraid to open up and give in order to prod the possibility of inspiration, creativity, and life in others. It’s for those who are full and satisfied enough to give without counting, who are aware that giving doesn’t take away from them – rather they know they are honored for their contribution and their cup is filled daily.

It’s not for those who want to put in the least amount of work to get the most output.It’s for those who refuse to give anything less than all of themselves because they consider their calling worthy.

Am I this person?

That is the question. Hahah. All bullshit aside – as if I knowingly engage in bullshitting lol – I know I am. Simply by asking myself the question that opened this post, I know I’m searching for something greater than me. I know I’m not in this alone, I know I’m supported. I know, I know, I know.

It’s a matter of asking the right questions, of understanding myself, of loving myself enough to go through the process. Because all the answers are there. It’s a matter of time, patience, curiosity, and action.

There’s no rushing. Though I do think I can probably go a little faster lol. Like about 5 times faster hahaha. Damn.

It’s interesting because I have these questions and you’d think you need the answers to move forward but I’ve come to see, that’s not true. Or that’s not how life goes. It requires so much more vulnerability and courage. Sounds so lame saying that because – duh, Grace. Who doesn’t know that?

Judge me! I’m a pansy-ass human being still learning to be free and accepting of myself even at this time in my life. And then doing something about it. Life. Pretty much haha.

What is your question for yourself at the moment? What are you pondering on? Is it keeping you from moving forward? Or does the possibility of the answer compel you go forth into the unknown?

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