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I’ve been absent. Haven’t been writing publicly in a bit. But instead of writing about what I haven’t been doing, let’s talk about what I have been doing.

I’ve been taking more risks. I’m currently creating a program for young/millennial professionals that are in a rut in life and don’t know how to answer the questions

“Who are you?”


“What do you want?”

It’s meant to guide them through the mystery of life that had once appeared so clearcut and manageable. It’s meant to bring them back to where they were created to live.

My vision for this program is to set fire to a generation of human beings that were robbed of their dreams, desires, and humanity even. It’s to help them restore and reclaim themselves and their lives in a deep way.


Because I did. Because I know what it feels like to be a shell, to exist day by day. To know exactly the meaning of “same shit, different day”. To buy into something peddled by past generations, corporations, and society that once worked… but not anymore.


Because there’s a better way to live. There’s truth – real Truth. Truth that stands, burns, enlivens, and empowers. Truth that trumps even the slightest possibility, slightest nuance of bullshit.

Truth that resides nowhere else but within each human being. Truth that sets us free to our humanity, to our courage, to our power, love, light, intelligence. Truth that gives Life.

Each of us have the capacity, the blueprint to know how to live. It’s a simple remembering of who we are at the heart and soul level. Perhaps not so easy though.

Because to know Truth, we must first recognize the bullshit, bullshit that has become the walls of our thinking, perspective, and way of living. Bullshit that doesn’t exist elsewhere – but like Truth, exists within us.

To know Truth is to go within, to the darkest corners of this planet. It’s to muster courage like never before. It’s to say Enough – I want more.

It’s to acknowledge that we don’t know anything – only this will open the doors to our minds, hearts, and souls. It’s to venture into uncharted territory, into the pain and fear within, the recesses of which we’ve been taught to paint over with entertainment, social functions, material goods, and flimsy relationships.

Simple, not easy.

Because it takes a certain kind of individual to do this.

She’s the one that refuses to take No and I don’t know for an answer. She’s the one who’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. She’s the one who wakes up in the morning thinking This is not okay.

He’s the one who humbles himself and says to Life, Teach me, I want to learn. He’s the one who pulls together something resembling courage and steps into the dark corridors of his intentions and memories to understand how he got to where he is today. He’s the one who wants so much to feel, to become so. much. more than he’s been taught to be.

It takes a certain kind of human to do this. Actually – every human being can do this.

It’s just that certain kinds of humans have been known to pursue this. Are you one of them? Are you hungry for more? Do you want to be alive and not just living? Do you want to live and not just be alive? Do you want to know what that feels like?

You can start today. Close your eyes. Three deep deep deep breaths. Cut the bullshit in your mind. Drop into your heart and soul. Begin here. This where everything begins.

Join me in living from Truth. There’s not enough time in our lives to mess with anything less. Agree?






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