New vibrations – 90/100

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I have discovered new music that is changing my life. Hahaah okay maybe that’s a little dramatic. But when you listen to it, you’ll understand.

It changes the atmosphere, at least the atmosphere in my mind. I get sucked into it so quickly and I’m in another world. It gets me focused and excited to do my work.

Sometimes my eyebrows furrow because I’m so into it haha! And the awesome thing is, the good human beings that upload this music combine 2+ hours of music in one piece so it’s continuous and gets me through a good chunk of work every time.

To be honest, I’m a little shy about sharing it because it’s not music I normally listen to – it has sort of a fantasy video/computer game vibe to it haha. Again, you’ll see if you choose to listen.

If you’re curious, take a listen here and here and here.

It’s crazy, truly crazy, to me how much I get affected by sound. I mean I can say that about a lot of other things too, but specifically, I’m blown away by the fact that vibrations can bring up emotions and get me feeling a certain way, which will actually get me acting a certain way. So crazy.

And I love love love that these vibrations were the genius of another human being. It’s basically the vibrations of the someone’s talent, heart, and soul reaching another person. It’s beautiful that we can receive someone’s intention. And it’s beautiful that we can receive it in our own way, interpreting things in a unique way. No one person will take away from it the exact same experience as the next person.

Even if people agree in the comments that they were also touched and inspired, each vibration reached each person uniquely. Blows my mind. Hahah have I ever told you I’m easily amazed?

Anyway. I’m going to let myself off the hook for not completing 500 words. I have some stuff to get done. I will let the 6+ hours of music up there ^ speak for me on this post haha!!

Happy Thursday!!






2 responses to “New vibrations – 90/100”

  1. stelinfelin Avatar

    I was just listening to the radio and Ferggie was just talking about how humans live off of music and how everyone should be creating music!! cool blog!

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Ohh love it!! Thanks for sharing that – didn’t know Fergie thought like that haha. Thanks for reading Staffff!!!

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