Some thoughts on truth and life

Truth is when no one is looking, it is happening as when no one cares, it remains even as it’s not acknowledged. It cannot not be what it is. It is so pure, so unaffected by expectations, intentions, and effort. It is so perfect. That’s how I know it’s Truth – I can feel it. It feels… true. Hahah!!

And only I can do that for myself. Only I can decide for myself what is true. Once I realized that, I realized I am limitless.

The impossible becomes possible first in the mind.

We create our lives. I love this power, this ability. I am not just a puppet. I don’t just exist and then die. I am here with purpose and passion. And these aren’t lofty things. They, passion and purpose, are inherently linked to us by the most simplest things – our emotions.

What makes us feel happy and free and good… that is what will set us free. That is the direction we want to go. And it’s funny because it feels so good, so, of course we want to go that way… but we fight it. And sometimes we fight harder when it feels better. Like we shouldn’t feel good. All the time. Every day. Every moment. As if our suffering buys our permission to live. We don’t allow ourselves. We don’t allow ourselves to just be.

And even in that, we are creating our lives. We creates lives that are small, smaller than truth, smaller than actual Life, smaller than what we actually want, what we deep deep deep deep deep deep deep inside, underneath even what we are conscious of, know we deserve.

We condemn ourselves for who we are. As if we have to pay for our lives as we live them. As if we ever decided to come into being, as if we ever had control over the vastness and awesomeness that we already are.

We try to find reasons and meanings and explanations for everything. And through this, we build our personal prisons, the barriers and constraints of our minds and hearts. We box the world in a pretty package so we can feel safe. So we can feel like we have some sense of control… inadvertently relinquishing our creative power and natural force.

And then we don’t live. We are so… fucking afraid of living. We don’t even know it until we are in the face of dying, of death.

Then, all of a sudden, we wake up, for a brief moment sometimes, to the utter beauty and perfection that is Life.

And it’s like all the things that we’ve heard about Life become true in our hearts.

And there, our souls rejoice.

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