I’ve been using this networking app called Shapr. It works like Tinder or any dating app where you view profiles and swipe right if you dig, left if you don’t. If both parties swipe right, game on.

I’ve connected with several individuals since I got back on it a few weeks ago. It’s been fun. But yesterday’s connection was just too sweet.

So Michelle and I scheduled this call last week. We didn’t say much on the app, just some basic background stuff. And when we were scheduling too, I was all over the place – I thought I’d double-booked, so I tried to reschedule, and then I realized I hadn’t, so could we keep it the original day and time? All in three minutes. Lol.

Anyway, I go into the call thinking Michelle must think I’m this juvenile-ass human being, not knowing my schedule, and being all over the place. But I also go in with no expectations.

So we get on the phone within the first 16 minutes we are cracking up as if we’d known each other since high school. There is so much good energy, good vibes. We shared more about what we do and why we do it, and it was so so so cool to meet someone who is on a very very similar path as me.

And rather than feel competition and fear of connecting with someone who is in the same sphere as me, I felt such a desire to connect and expand myself as a person. I felt camaraderie with someone I’d never even met in person – yet. Those 30 minutes flew by so quickly and I was so present and enjoying every single moment of it.

Sometimes when you make a connection – you just know. You don’t doubt or feel hesitation or even anxiety of what that person thinks, whether you’re meeting their expectations. When you make a connection like this, there are no expectations, yet you walk away feeling fulfilled like no other.

It’s a crazy beautiful thing. To me, this is life. There’s nothing more than sharing moments and experiences with other human beings, feeling more alive in that present moment than any remembered moment.

And so I sat in my car parked in front of a cafe and she sat in her car, about 50-some miles apart in Southern California, both on the phone, both laughing hysterically, both feeling the good vibes and connection. And the universe smiled.

I’ve found that this kind of connection only happens when I show up fully and completely.

And I’ve dedicated my life to do this – in every moment, every place, with every person. Because this connection is divine, godly, sacred. And it begins with me.







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