Thought Excerpt

Excerpt from my journal written December 22, 2017.

Remembering that page in this journal written November 17, 2017 that says in BIG letters –





Many pages and days later… This is what I have to say:


That.. feels like bliss. Like heaven. Perhaps crack. Haha. It’s possible, people. If you don’t believe it, it’s not because it’s not true. It’s because you don’t believe it for yourself. You don’t believe you deserve it. And that’s okay, because a lot of us are taught not to. We’re taught that we need to earn it, work for our place in the world.

I’m here to tell you… NO.

I’m here to tell you YES to YOU.

You are worthy of bliss, of joy, love, peace, hope…

You are worthy, simply by being you. There are no other qualifications. Your essence speaks of these things as is. It doesn’t need reason or explanation, justification, or even purpose. Your essence in its pure form is actually the basis of everything you want in your life – abundance, meaningful relationships, purpose, passion, aliveness.

The only reason we may be where we don’t want to be is the belief that we are separate from these things that we want. We fear that we won’t get what we desire because our lives don’t seem to reflect it.

The fact that if we want something is evidence that there is something within us that not only understands and recognizes those qualities and experiences but is the capacity to bring them into our lives. We inherently understand and recognize because we inherently carry them within us.

It just is.

We can question all we want… I suggest we bypass that and allow what is. Just a suggestion.

Don’t let’s get caught up in understanding with our minds and logic that life and the beauty and magnificence of who we are escape us.

Do breathe deep and feel that air filling you… all your body working effortlessly on your behalf so you can live this amazing life. This body that, if your life doesn’t look the way you like, is your vehicle to move it in the direction you want.

Do allow gratitude to flow into and fill this moment. Allow it to for this moment. And this one. And the one after.

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