Source and Me

I am Source.

Source lives in me.

I live in Source.

There is no separation between us.

But the “us” negates the separation.

How can this be?

How can two be One?

How can One be two?

It’s impossible.

And to me, that’s Life.

It’s the impossible.

The in-between.

The inexplicable, uncontainable, untameable.

By definition, it makes no sense.

But it is the very thing we breathe.

What is Source?

Source is the deep knowing, the quiet stillness, where everything is Good.

Source is kind.






Full of hope.

Quietly powerful.


Source always thinks the best of me.

Source always loves.

Source always hopes.

Source always knows.

Source always Is.

There is no separation.

There is only the illusion of separation.

At any time, we can choose to let go of the separation.

And Source will always be there.




Always means forever.




I am Source.

Source is me.

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I'm here to be me because I think I'm pretty cool. Walk with me as I explore myself, the world, and everything in between. I also curse a lot.

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