My juvenile bucket list – 6/100

My senior year of high school, our class wrote letters to ourselves, to be opened 10 years from graduation. I think I wrote two letters, one kept by the class president and one kept with me. I recently opened the one I had kept and it made me laugh and cringe.

I had been hoping for a meaningful letter written from a place of inspiration and aspiration and alla that good shit.

Not the case.

I found it was filled with, I hope XXXX and I stay friends. I hope I don’t lose YYYY as my friend. I hope I get to do ZZZZ over the summer.

Then I reached the end of the letter, and it had a 10-year bucket list. All the things I wanted to accomplish by age 28. And here they are.

Even a few months ago, I wouldn’t have shared this but today, a part of me doesn’t give a shit. And a part of me thinks my naïveté is hilarious. Enjoy. Italics are my comments.

  • Smoke weed – Yess indeed. I was a weed virgin until the summer after graduation. I condemned anyone and everyone that did drugs… and then became a fan myself. I ate my words.
  • Get a tattoo – Yep, three (little ones) and counting.
  • Go skinny dipping – Not yet!! The ideal place is in the ocean.
  • Go skydiving – Yes, with the brother! I would rather go bungee jumping though haha.
Me in the process of dying as my hot instructor looks hot.
  • Swim in the rain – I think I did once, but twasn’t memorable. This would be sweet to combine with skinny dipping.
  • Visit the motherland – Yessssssss, in 2016. AMAZING.
Me and my favorite uncle that I met while in Korea.
  • Party ALOT – I should have been more clear because ALOT is relative. But yes, I did my share.
  • Have another boyfriend – Hahaaha. Oh Grace. Yes, I did have another and another. It got better each time.
  • Get drunk – Lol. Just lol.
  • Learn to jump on snowboard – Sort of. Also relative. But yes, I can go over jumps.
  • Go on a roadtrip – Yessss, to SF, Utah, Texas, Arizona. Next up: Big Sur.
  • Go to TJ – Not yet. One day.

This was kind of a shallow list, but I am pleased that I have accomplished most of them and I can see myself completing the list in the future.

I do want to say that life treated me better than I expected, I became more than I’d even imagined for myself.

Thanks, Universe.

P.S. I would have added more photos but it just takes so damn long to go hunting. Enjoy!






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