One year since I left corporate – 12/100

It’s been almost a year since I left the public accounting firm. In four days, to be exact.

I remember several months before putting in my two weeks, talking with fellow coworkers about what we wanted to do in life.

I remember that terrible sinking feeling as I realized I would not be working toward something truly meaningful to myself if I stayed.

I remember feeling like I was losing everything when I came to terms with the fact that I could not stay and be in integrity with myself.

I remember contemplating what I wanted to do and how it was very clear for me, at least in a general direction.

I remember drafting my two weeks’ notice.

I remember clicking Send after several seconds of stillness.

I remember getting calls from my manager, senior manager, and partner soon after that email went out.

I remember almost being swayed by promises of being staffed on fun and new and interesting projects.

Then I remembered what I would have to buy into to stay.

I remember keeping silent, waiting for my two weeks to pass.

I remember drafting emails to everyone that made my time there fun and interesting.

I remember my last day.

I had forgotten my badge and sat outside between the skyscrapers.

This is what I saw when I looked up.


I remember feeling like infinity.

I remember a sense of wonder and awe and curiosity at what lay ahead.

I remember excitement, raw compelling excitement.

I remember feeling complete even though I knew I had so much ahead of me to explore and learn.

I remember turning in my laptop and gear and walking away feeling lighter.

I remember leaving the building and having lunch with a fellow coworker who bought me lunch as a farewell gesture.

I remember feeling like I could fly.

I remember walking to my car, breathing deep, grinning big.

I remember taking off my button up, leaving me in a tank so my arms could soak up the sun and feel the wind.

I remember feeling big, powerful, even.

I remember all this…

And the rest was history.

One year, 365 days, many many hours, even more seconds.

It’s been nuts. Even more than I’d ever have imagined. It’s been beautiful.

I remember Young Grace meeting the universe, the edge of a cliff and jumping.

I remember falling and I remember flying.






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