What-world vs. How-world – 14/100

Life shifted for me once I shifted my focus from the What to the How.

In the What-world, I measure my happiness by what I did, what I could expect to gain from the activity or people or event or anything.

In the How-world, I measure my happiness by how I feel at any given time, regardless of what I’m doing.

In the What-world, there are right and wrong decisions and I spend most of my time getting it “right”, and still never knowing if I got anything right.

In the How-world, there is only right and good no matter what I choose, no matter what direction. I cannot fail in this world.

In the What-world, it’s about how fast I walk and toward a specific life-enhancing direction, which had better lead me to the pot of gold and unicorn of my dreams.

In the How-world, it’s about how much I enjoy the walk, the breeze, the sun on my face, the strength in my body, the alignment of my heart and soul.

Me in the How-world (and Busan, S. Korea) c. 2016

In the What-world, I need to be surrounded by the right people who will help me get to where I want and “need” to get to.

In the How-world, I do my thing and watch amazing people enter my life, sprinkle their goodness in my life and leave as they please. I am no longer looking at ways others can serve me.

In the What-world, I am pressed for time because I have so many things that just must get done now and if I don’t get these things done, it will mean I can’t or won’t attain what I want in life.

In the How-world, I am free of the grip of time, the burden of a never-ending to-do list, the pressure to complete everything because I understand everything is happening for me, not me making everything happen.

In the What-world, I always need to be, do, say, show, contribute, learn, grow more.

In the How-world, I’m good as I am. Always.

In the What-world, I am thinking about what I can gain from every moment, every interaction, every investment, every opportunity.

In the How-world, I am basking in the perfection of every moment, interaction, investment, and opportunity, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

In the What-world, I am tortured by my past and paralyzed by my future.

In the How-world, I’m present.






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