A woman – 15/100

Women are like smoke.

Smoke is unbendable.

Uncontainable. Or when one does try to contain smoke, it dissipates and loses its essence.

Smoke flows and moves with the air whichever way.

Smoke is unattached.

It just is.

Photo by Luke Besley on Unsplash

One can only watch it rise and go go go…

One can only behold.

One who tries to capture it will find it more elusive than ever.

One who tries to understand it will find it complex than anything, and… probably goes crazy.

One who tries to anything with smoke is found alone and without.

But carefully, gently, quietly, one can behold.

One can caress with the mind, heart, and soul.

One can experience deep within, the Beauty






When one allows a woman to be her Self, whatever that looks like, whatever that smells, tastes, feels like.

The act of beholding is an act of love – to oneself and to the woman, as it creates space for the woman to be all that she is, all that she desires to be freely, free to be seen and heard and loved by the beholder.

It’s a dance.

A sweet dance of souls, a mingling of spirit, a bond of hearts.

A dance only one who can allow a woman to be can experience.

A dance only a woman who embraces and can freely share all of herself can partake in.

Women are like smoke.




Allow her, or refuse yourself the gift of experiencing her.a

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