My soul in traffic – 17/100

Some of my most holy moments happen while sitting in traffic.

Yes, beautiful Southern California congestion.

Yes, on the asphalt under crawling vehicles.

On the 405, 5, 91, 605… all of them.

405 thanksgiving traffic
Glorious 405 during Thanksgiving 2017

It’s when I’m sitting in traffic that I wonder where everyone is headed. And it makes me realize that everyone is doing their lives. Everyone has their own story and journey. And everyone wants to be happy.

It blows my mind sometimes while sitting in a sea of red lights, that there is a heartbeat, at least one, in every car. A heart beating, just like mine.

There is something so intimate and humbling about it.

We don’t know each other. We probably don’t even like each other for taking up space on the road when we just want to go home, to work, to a friend’s, to a party, to the airport, etc.

But for that time, we are sharing the road, we are unknowingly sharing the same direction. We sharing in the same activity, doing it each our own way.

And for some reason, that connects me to everyone. That makes me feel alive and part of humanity.

I know, I don’t really get it either. How could something so terrible and painful and annoying, frustrating, irritating be so introspective and enlightening??

Dude, I don’t know. But it is. And that makes me realize even further how holy every moment is.

Truly and deeply.

Going to the supermarket? Holy. We go to stock our living space with foods to nourish our bodies, to enjoy with our tastebuds, to continue living.

Going to work? Holy. We go to contribute to the world with our brains, our manpower, our abilities. It provides a way for us to live and thrive, even.

Spending time with friends? Holy. We commune with those we love and those that love us. We enjoy each other’s company, we walk together.

Going to sleep? Very holy. We give our bodies the rest we need, to recover from today and to prepare for a kickass tomorrow. It is our daily sabbath, where we are brought to simply being, where we all return to, where we must return in order to be healthy, happy, and thriving.

Every little thing is not so little. Traffic, for me, is an amazing experience. It’s not that I prefer taking 2 hours to get somewhere that should take 45 minutes, but there’s something amazing about sharing that space with all those human beings, doing life, just like me.






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