Get out of my space – 19/100

I used to get triggered when others got triggered. I felt offended that their triggered state was invading my peaceful state.

And then I realized how stupid that was.

My state is mine. I determine what it feels like. No one else.

No one else has been given dominion over my state.

Just me.

Someone else’s state encroaching on mine is not their doing. It’s mine.

It’s my doing by my allowing.

Very simple.

And very humbling.

It was a very painful pill to swallow.

And the most life-giving one.

It means no one could get to me. Nothing could get to me.

It means I have dominion over my life, complete authority.

cheesing in SD
Cheesin’ til eternity because I can. c. 2017

And if that’s the case, how much of my life will I sacrifice for… for what? For feeling shitty and less-than and annoyed?

That’s an easy question.

God is not far. She is not aloof, on a throne, looking down at me to prove myself worthy and holy enough to be close.

He is here, right here, right now.

He is in my conscious choices over my emotions, over what is allowed in my domain and what is not.

He is intertwined in my decisions over how I want to feel and where I want to go.

He is in my creating my world and my state in the way it feels good to me.

I can live with that.

That sort of power sits very well with me.

Here’s to another kickass day in the Domain and Life of Me.






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