Hungry and definitely foolish – 18/100

I once dated a guy who had something to say about the title of this blog, Hungry and Foolish.

It comes from Steve Jobs, originally said, Stay hungry, stay foolish.

This guy I dated said that he didn’t agree with the Foolish part, almost as if it was beneath him. Like the idea of being foolish was foolish itself. Or rather, accepting that one can be foolish is foolish. Or naive.

At that time, I simply listened. I noted.

And years later, I realize that I disagree with his disagreement.

There is something alive and living about knowing that we have the capacity to always learn more and that sometimes most of the time we don’t need to take life seriously.

There is something cathartic and releasing about being allowed to be foolish. It means there are no expectations.

It means you are encouraged to dare, to step out on a limb, to jump the cliff when you’re not sure where you might land.

It means you’re allowed to make mistakes and get off scot-free (to an extent heehee).

It means you’re free. And it’s a beautiful thing.

I used to think having my shit together was where I wanted to be.

That didn’t work. Or it didn’t feel as good as I expected.

And then I let go. And I no longer gave a shit about having it together.

Barcelona c. 2015

And somehow, it feels like I have my shit together.

Very interesting.

It’s like life happens in moments of foolishness. Genius emerges in the foolishness, the craziness of daring to believe, want, and be something that doesn’t seem smart, or even wise.

Maybe it’s not dignified nor safe nor recommended.

And maybe it doesn’t matter. Because at least you feel alive. At least you can breathe and let go.

I embrace my foolishness, that part that looks at all the facts and numbers and stats, and still chooses to say, Fuck it.

That part that doesn’t make sense to others and myself, even.

That part that is open and receptive to inspiration and creativity and wonder.

It allows me to compliment the person in line ahead of me about their choice in nail polish color.

Or reach out to someone randomly to let them know she is important.

Or volunteer to try something and look funny for 5 minutes.

dressed up in morocco
Morocco c. 2015

Or act a fool at the beach.

acting a fool on the beach
Barcelona c. 2015

Or laugh at myself.

me cracking up
Barcelona c. 2015

Life is fun. It’s okay to be foolish. Break some rules. Step outside the box. Look stupid. You do you, boo.



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