Grace’s first day of hot yoga – 21/100

My friend Bonnie invited me to join her for a hot yoga class at 6am Friday, today. She had invited me a week ago and I was looking forward to it. Little did I know how entertaining it would be.

We confirmed with each other last night that we were still on. I said I didn’t have a yoga mat, to which she offered to bring an extra. She mentioned it’s pink, in case I was still averse to pink. I said that’s fine.

The next morning, I rushed to the studio and arrived at 6:01am. I should have known to give myself more time as I’m a new student. But no.

I found myself locked outside until the instructor, a tall lanky guy, ran out and opened the door for me. He said I was a little late and we were about to get started. I said, Great, let’s do this, as we walked to the room.

To… the room full of stationary bikes.

Oh God.

I hesitated, and voiced, I think I’m in the wrong place.

The guy then asks, What are you looking for? Yoga?

Me: Yes (shame-faced)

He gives me the directions and I book it. I’m already late and I lagged another class.


I run in the direction he mentioned and I get a little lost in the parking lot.

But it’s okay! Because I found it!

And door was locked! Again!

Lolll. I message my friend, I’m locked outside…

Again, the instructor sees me through the window and comes out to allow my tardy unworthy self into the class.

I thank the gods.

And I remember I don’t have a yoga mat.


There, by the door, is a single yoga mat, propped up against the wall. Almost like it had been waiting for me all its life.

I think, perhaps, this is Bonnie’s and she left it outside because she wanted to get the full 70-minute class. Understandable.

I don’t think twice, I strip off my shoes, socks, and sweaters, grab at my towels, water bottle, and, of course, the yoga mat.

I enter the class realizing everyone is in child’s pose or something and I stake a spot right in front center of the class.


But I made it!

I look around for my friend, and it takes me all of 1.5 minutes to realize, she’s not in the room.

I look down at the mat.

It’s purple.


She is not here and this is not her mat.


For a second, I thought about how bad I would feel returning the mat to whomever it belongs. I imagined the look of disgust on the owner’s face, feeling yucky about a stranger’s sweat and fluids all over her mat.

Oh well.

Ain’t nothing this girl’s going to do about it now.

I made it to class, found a mat, and I’m meant to be here.

The class was fun and very sweaty. I enjoyed it very much.

weird character on water
What I felt like this morning. Out of it. | Photo by Josh Withers on Unsplash

And next time, I won’t be scrambling as much.

Because I know where the damn studio is. And I just bought my first yoga mat on Amazon last night. Holla!

My friend got back to me after class – she had forgotten to turn on her alarm. Hahah. Life.

What a beautiful start of a beautiful day.







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