Women’s Council – 24/100

In January, I started a monthly Women’s Council gathering.

It is one of the funnest things I’ve experienced in my life.

It is always filled with laughter, bonding, connection, vulnerability, depth, and intention.

I hit up a handful of women around me that I thought might be interested in coming out. When I first sat in the circle, I felt almost weird.

I compartmentalized a lot of my life, not intentionally but that’s the way I’ve lived it, especially regarding relationship. I have friends in different circles and I rarely bring them together.

But in this space, the common denominator was me. And that we’re all women. Lol.

It was definitely a vulnerable place and space for me. But hell, I’d gone through the trouble of putting together a Paperless Post invite and got them in the same house on a Sunday afternoon so might as well go with the program.

I did.

women on a boat
Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash

And it was beautiful. It was both hilarious and insightful. The connection was and is definitely there. And it continues to grow.

And I have a lot of fun with it too. Feeling the push to create an agenda that speaks to women, that invites their heart and strength to show up as they are. Facilitating a space for vulnerability, freedom, and reflection. Trying things out, see how they fit – or don’t.

I am blessed to be able to try what I’m trying. I am blessed to be surrounded by kickass women. I am blessed to connect with likeminded humans. I am blessed they are willing to spend their Sunday afternoon with each other, and especially, with themselves.

Life is fun.

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