I’ll go until I stop. – 28/100

I went hiking this morning after a night out celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Happy happy (early) birthday Staffff!!! Hahaha. I know you’re going to see this. Hit me up when you do 🙂 For kicks.

On my way back to the car, I decided to run. Most of the way back was downhill, and once I got in gear, I was on another one.

I felt like the air was pulling and pushing me along, making me feel like I was flying. I passed by several people hiking up. I had no breath and time to say hello as I normally would.

There was a man near the end of the trail, who, as I passed, threw out at me, in a good-natured way:

Can you stop?

I heard his comment, didn’t think much of it. I was actually confused by what he meant.

Of course I can stop.

But why?

And from within me, a thought rose:

I’ll go until I do (stop).

Two things from this moment:

  1. I know I looked like I was out of control, barreling downhill, letting gravity and momentum take over. And that’s okay. I don’t need to look pretty and composed as I do this life, my life. I just need to show up and do me.
  2. I’ll go until I stop. I was actually impressed by that. Hahaha is that super narcissistic of me?? Or does it expose how little I think of myself, to be surprised by something that came to me effortlessly? Anyway, I like this. I will go as far as the wind and water carry me, and only when I am ready, when the wind and water no longer want to carry me, will it be over.

This is the view from the hike. Enjoy. Feel it. Breathe it.

Can’t get enough of this. I LOVE.

What a beautiful ass day.






4 responses to “I’ll go until I stop. – 28/100”

  1. Ilka Avatar

    Where were you? I was in the hills of Laguna hiking !

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      I was hiking something called Boat Canyon trail, more north of Laguna Beach!! How cool would it have been if we ran into each other!!! Hahah

  2. stelinfelin Avatar

    Love it!!!! Looked like u had a bombass morning!!!!

    1. Ilka Avatar

      Where were you? I was in the hills of Laguna!

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