Reiki for me – 29/100

As I so publicly shared on Instagram and Facebook a couple weeks ago, I am certified in Reiki as a Master-Teacher.

It doesn’t roll off my tongue because it’s hard for me to own it for some reason. Another story, another post.

I’ve been offering free sessions, to get my name out, build my practice, and… to serve.

It has been nothing short of humbling, incredible, and awe-inspiring. A series of being amazed. Again and again.

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The fact that I can be part of someone’s process, someone’s journey… the fact that people invite and welcome me into their space. The fact that I can be a vessel of love, hope, and freedom. And healing.

The interesting part is that I find myself in a similar space as when I prayed for people when I was attending church.

They’re really not different, I realize.

Every time I prayed for someone, I opened myself up to whatever wanted to come through. I allowed Spirit to move, to work, to flow.

All I did was render myself available.

All I did was vacate myself of my own thoughts, judgments, fears, doubts…

All I did was trust and believe.

And that’s all I continue to do.

It has nothing to do with me.

Except as a willing human alongside the person/client.

Except as a human wanting that Good Good for another, a fellow human, a fellow soul.

Amazes me, every time.

And today, I didn’t do all the things I usually in preparation for a Reiki distance session. In fact, for a good part of the day, I wasn’t feeling 100%, and I had half a mind to reschedule.

But as Life would have it, I showed up. The fellow human did too.

And so did Spirit, God, Universe, whatever you want to call it.

Even in my imperfection, perhaps, especially in my imperfection, Love works. It cannot not.

What happens in the space of surrender, trust, faith… truly nothing is impossible.

That is a holy ass space. A place of healing, of love, of honor.

I am humbled. Truly and deeply.

I enrolled in the Reiki course not knowing exactly what I was getting into. Ha.

I enrolled in the course knowing exactly what I was getting into.





I am all in.






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