Yoga for me – 30/100

I’ve been incorporating yoga into my morning routine. It’s been a very grounding way to get the started.

When I’m in it, all I’m aware of is my breath. And my muscles stretching off last night’s sleep.

It brings me into the body and, as I’m aware that all I need to be doing in that moment is to be in my body and allowing my breath in and out, I find my concentration and focus increases naturally.

It’s powerful, I tell you. I understand why many many many people practice it. It really does align us on multiple levels – physically, emotionally, mentally.

I have a confession.

My yoga practice consists of sun salutations.

Just sun salutations.

Usually three, sometimes one. A day.

Ever since my good friend, Lauren, taught me, that’s all I’ve been doing. I’ve attended one class so far in the past couple years. And all I ever do is the easiest routine (is that what you call it?) every day.

And I love it.

nepal man
He says I’m doing great. Or just okay haha. | Photo by Ashes Sitoula on Unsplash

I do plan to expand the practice.

In time.

But I love that I can make anything as simple as I want. As easy.

And it’s effectiveness and impact is powerful.

Perhaps, the most important part is that I simply get on the mat and be with me.

Perhaps, it’s not about the actual moves, the positions, the stretching.

Perhaps, it’s that there is a practice founded in self-honor, self-commitment, self-love.

Perhaps, that’s the real juice of the thing.

Or of anything.


I like my practice.

I think the next pose to add will be child’s pose. HA!!

Your turn

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