I asked for an adventure – 32/100

I asked God for an adventure.

I thought I knew what I was asking.

I thought I knew what it would look like.

I thought I knew where it would take me – or at least an idea.

I know now I knew nothing.

light through forest
Photo by Greg Becker on Unsplash

Not knowing has never been so damn exciting and fun.

This has something to do with my last post, and more.

But a lot to do with my last post.

Perhaps it sounds crazy.

Because it is crazy.

Surrender is a crazy thing.

It’s a non-natural thing.

I’m not wired to surrender.

It takes faith.

Faith is supernatural.

Faith transforms the natural into the supernatural.

That sounds cheesy ahaha.


But going back to it, cheesiness and all, faith creates the adventure, the thrill, the fun.

Faith is the whole adventure.

Photo by Lane Smith on Unsplash

It’s the venturing into the unknown, and I’m not even just talking about my own exploration of sexuality and blah blah blah.

It creates the path for impossible to become possible.

For belief to become reality.

And if that’s the case, then perhaps reality is simply what we believe, what we create in our minds.

Which means… where is the limit?

How far can the mind go?

Where does it stop?

Can it stop?

Does it need to?

I asked God for an adventure.

And I know now I know nothing but that I’m going to get it.

And I am getting it.

Your turn

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