Soul vibrations – 36/100

Music is the sound of soul. Hating aside, there’s some stuff out there I don’t understand or vibe with. And there are some good ass shiz out there, stuff that have me vibing good, vibing high.

Music does a soul good. Feeds a soul, empowers, relaxes, energizes, sends on a journey…

Like this one. Bumping to it on the freeway with the windows open, cigarette in hand, hair flying everywhere. There’s nothing like the soul of another gracing mine in the most delicious way. Serves me up so good.

Listen if you care to listen. Read if you care to read. Enjoy.

bounce - dj okawari

Bounce – DJ Okawari ft. Talib Kweli

This is a state of emergency
This face is insurgency
Heard of me?
[?], man, ay

[Verse 1]
Live how you wanna live
Your whole life in front of you
Be who you wanna be
Do what you wanna do
You can truly be free
When you learn how to control yourself
Say you know your partner, but
Do you really know yourself?

Falling for descents
For the flesh, that’s a good bet
Threaten me with the good times
That’s a good threat
Talk like sex, but
They ain’t got the goods yet
Digital girls, but
They not out the woods yet
In this online world
Too many strangers think they friends with me
Careful where I go
I don’t give everyone my energy
Look into the mirror, ask myself
“Do you remember me?
Who you tryna’ fight
When you your own worst enemy?”
I’m a grown ass man this is maturity
Swinging as I’m clinging
To my idols for security
Sometimes I feel like I had to hurt myself
For you to notice me
Beauty in the eye of the beholder
What the solider see
There’s beauty in the trouble
Cause’ the trouble gives you character

You fightin’ mother nature
But you lack the strength to challenge her
You might as well get on her good side
And empower her
Plant flowers, raise a family
Shower her with gifts
Shout your love from a tower
And let the world hear
Give her your vision for the future
Like the world’s fair

Stop tryna live like the world’s fair
Learn how to listen and be the world’s ear






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