Fun or bust – 40/100

I have decided that I don’t want to do anything that’s not fun.


I would normally counter this and say, Yes, I understand all the implications of that declaration, mainly I’m not responsible nor realistic.

And I realize, that’s okay. That’s extremely okay. More than okay.

Because first –

I find a LOT of things fun. I find a lot of things that people usually don’t consider fun as fun.

For example – my part-time job as a bookkeeper/accountant – Fun. I love the autonomy, the vibes, the environment, the ability to do my thing and get shit done my way. I enjoy the drive to and from work; it gives me time to myself, to smoke, to dance, to chill, to be. To me, that’s fun.

Another example – cleaning the bathroom – Fun. I love having a home, a space to live, breathe, rest, and clean myself in. And I get to take care of the space that takes care of me. I get to take control of the way it makes me feel. To me, that’s fun.

Another – driving with/without traffic – Fun. So much fun. It’s my private space, could be a dance floor, could be a meditation room, could be a smoking patio, could be so many things – I get to decide. And I get to enjoy it my way. Oh, and it also lets me go places on my own, however fast I want, however way. To me, that’s fun.

And second –

Life is MEANT for fun, for bliss, for exhilaration, exploration, excitement, hearts beating faster, feeling alive.

I’m done buying into the bullshit about adulting, about the drab and heavy way life is “supposed” to be. “Supposed” to be, my ass.

Me, the ocean, and fun.

If I ever have questions about what life is supposed to be like, I look at the mountains, the ocean, the sky, the sun, clouds, moon, trees, animals (whatever animals are around lol). And I know, deeply deeply know, that life is POWERFUL.

It’s not to be taken lightly, to be placed on the backburner, to be reduced to the need to fulfill responsibilities, obligations, requirements, and burdens.

Life is FULL. Life is JOY. Life is FREEDOM.

That sounds a lot more related to FUN than anything else.

I have decided that I don’t want to do anything that’s not fun.

Care to join?






3 responses to “Fun or bust – 40/100”

  1. Sydney Harrington Avatar
    Sydney Harrington

    Yes yes yes!!! I love your perspective Grace. And its so full of Truth. Life is Fun if we choose so. And i want to have Fun too! Today, i am finding joy, play, humor, and fulfillment in all my choices. And im Loving myself the whole way.
    Thank you for this wonderful, insightful post. Happy Playing!!

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Yes yes yes to finding joy, plus, humor, and fulfillment in everything!!!! Yassss!!! Hahaha thanks for reading mama. So good seeing you this weekend!!!

  2. stelinfelin Avatar

    I’m all about that fun!!! Love this!!

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