Eyes, soul, heart – 51/100

Her eyes, so piercing and inviting,

soul, so wild and free

heart, so open and willing.

The depth both scares and draws,

like a moth to flame

dancing to possible death

There’s nothing to do but leap,

jump that cliff,

challenge gravity,

defy the emptiness of failed connections.

Thoughts, feelings, decisions feel seemingly recklessness

until all fades,

stillness remains,

and I see the safe thing to do is to risk,

risk everything.

ocean wake
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

To know that I am not the past,

and the future is being created in and by the fullness of Now.

To remember that I am not

living in a container,

a rule book,

nor a glass house.

To venture into the wild,

into the free,

into the big wide deep,

the big vast high.

Getting lost is an option,

perhaps the only option,

to finding Self,

to finding what is being yearned for by many,

to find that it’s not only possible,



but that it yearns for me too,

through the eyes of another.

If that is the case,

that one must lose sight of land to know adventure,

hearts colliding,

souls mingling,

I must have lost sight somewhere back there,

and I don’t care to find it anytime soon.

I don’t care to hold on so I don’t get carried away.

I don’t care to observe from afar so I can slip away when I need to,

like I used to.

I don’t care to know everything.

The unknown calls, beckons, ushers

and the answer is coming forth from within,

seemingly without choosing to.

Except I am.

I do choose.

I do want.

I do desire.

And I do go.

I see that there is nowhere else but forward, outward, and up

for me to flow,

unattached to outcome,



Just this moment.

Just the Now.

Just her,

eyes so piercing and inviting,

soul so wild and free,

heart so open and willing,

so much so

I am reflecting back

what I see in her.




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