For me – 54/100

Life is happening for me.

Hasn’t always felt that way.

But even then, it was.




Life is happening for me in ways I didn’t anticipate or even desire.

In ways that flow to the depths of my soul,

reach the edges of my heart.

I am humbled

and ecstatic.

Expectant and content.

Life is happening for me.

I am not alone.

I am pursued.

And wooed.


and cherished.

And what may come my way, comes my way.

There’s nothing to resist.

Nothing to run from.

Nothing in spite of.

It’s all very perfect, in the most perfect way I couldn’t even fathom or conceive or ask for.

Sweet surrender.

Sweet sweet surrender to Life and its gifts.

Every person, every experience, every breath.

It’s easy, knowing Life, all of it, is happening for me.

I receive.

I enjoy.

I bask.

I dance.

I laugh.

I close my eyes and lose myself.

And find the greatest deepest peace I can feel I’m meant for.

The greatest deepest peace meant for me.

Life is happening for me.






3 responses to “For me – 54/100”

  1. leegschrift Avatar

    Oh this is also a very uplifting one. I will sing a little song today.

    1. Grace J. Kim Avatar

      Thank you!! Sing one for me, my friend!!

      1. leegschrift Avatar

        I will.

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