Answered questions – 58/100

So, the guy I had written about a couple weeks ago reached out today.

There was some disbelief.

A little huh? Why?

A little huh – let’s see what’s up.

We decided to talk after I left work, there were unanswered questions – for me.

I wasn’t interested in much else but getting some answers and re-opening that chapter to close it properly.

When we got on the phone, there were no hard feelings on my end, and I could feel there were none on his end.

The details are unimportant, in my opinion.

The fact was, I understood where he was coming from, and I didn’t feel much need for him to understand where I was coming from. That makes for an easy conversation.

In the end, he wanted to remain friends, remain friendly.

And I was down with that.

I felt that that desire said something about me as a person, not just someone he once dated. I could appreciate that.

I knew he meant no harm.

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash

I got the answers. I got an apology as well. Well, I asked for one haha. And I got it.

And I was grateful.

I was glad he cared enough to see how I was doing and that we are okay, at least in his eyes.

As far as I know, we are good in my eyes too.

I mentioned I was dating someone, a woman, and he wished me well. I could feel he meant it. I received it.

I really received the part where he said, in the end we are human beings and there is nothing between us but a healthy regard for the other, and that he wishes the best for me.

It really is that simple.


I was glad for our conversation. I could tell he was glad for it as well.

And that was that.

That is that.

Life is grand.

Life is beautiful.

This moment and experience pointed to that, and only that.

I have nothing more to ask for, to desire.

Except to keep going, to get caught in the current of Life, all of it.

All of it.






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