Welcome to the Mad Tea Party – 64/100

I saw this on my way home from work. Took me a second to read and comprehend it. When I did, it tickled me.


Life really is exactly that sometimes – a mad tea party.

Everyone is doing their best the best they know how.

Everyone is wanting the best for themselves, in a non-narcissistic way.

And many times, when they are wanting the best for others, sometimes it’s also for them.

Everyone is wanting happiness, love, freedom, prosperity.

Everyone likes to be right.

Everyone likes to know something.

Everyone wants to be someone, be something.

Everyone wants to be understood, loved, acknowledged, and commended.

Everyone wants to belong.

It blows my mind that there are 7 billion people on this planet that want the same thing.

But in 7 billion different ways.

We all want to dance.

But we have different songs, different rhythms we want to dance to.

And that can change moment to moment within each person.

But we all want to dance.

We all want to dance.

Is it really that crazy to see that we are all One?

That we are not separate?

That everything we consider boundaries are created and exist – only within us?

That the things we consider boundaries e.g. skin color, personality types, socio-economic status – are all really conjured and crystallized in our minds?

We are a species that has the ability to attach meaning to anything and everything.

And we do it in ways that hurt others, which hurt us.

We do it in ways that we don’t give the benefit of doubt, the freedom for people to be who they truly are, who they truly want to be.

We do it in ways that divide the whole, define limits, and destroy connections.

Is it that crazy to believe that the person that seems the furthest from me is actually closer to me that I think, than I ever thought?

That we are truly doing the best we can with what we have.

We are truly magnificent, as magnificent as the next person.

And we have the capacity to change our worlds by changing our perception.

It really is that simple.

It really can be that easy.

It may take practice, some effort in the beginning.

Breaking free of old beliefs and perspectives and perceptions isn’t easy.

I know.

But is there something greater than the Truth of Life to work toward? To want, to open up to, to allow to come through?

Is there?

I haven’t found it yet.

Feel the fear, and let it go.

Feel the doubt, and let it go.

Feel the discomfort, and let it go.

Let go into the chaos and wonder of this mad tea party of Life.

Let go – into the paradoxes, the contradictions, the nonsense.

They exist and they are true.

Our safety and strength and comfort doesn’t have to lie in the rightness or definition of things,

but rather, in our essence as infinite eternal beings,

in the flow and gentleness of Life.




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