What a MF ride – 67/100

I have been given so much.








I have been loved much.

I have been healed much.

I have been set free… much.

Hahaha does that even flow?


I am grateful.

It’s the air I breathe, this gratitude.

I get to live in this space.

I get to drink and eat it up.

I get to live this MF Life.

I get to be MF me.

I get to love.

I get to laugh – a lot.

I get to play.

I get to choose.

I get to believe.

That’s a good one.


I get to believe Good things.

I get to believe in Love.

I get to believe in partnership with the universe / God.

I get to know myself.

I get to be known.

That’s also a good one.

It’s one thing to know myself, to look in the mirror and see myself as I see myself.

I get to experience what it means to be me.

And THEN, I get to experience what I am, who I am to another.

I get to look into the eyes of another and see myself in a completely different that is still completely absolutely me.

That is mind-blowing.

It doesn’t add or take away from me.

Okay, maybe it does add to me.

Or at least my awareness of me.

And my awareness is that I’m pretty awesome.


I’m pretty awesome, pretty amazing, pretty beautiful.

In my own way.

And because that is my awareness of me, who is one human of 7 billion.

I know it to be true of everyone else.

And that makes for a pretty awesome, amazing, and beautiful Life.

What a ride.

What a motherfucking ride.

Excuse my – no, don’t excuse me.

There’s nothing to excuse.

I’m me. You’re you.

I get to be me.

All of motherfucking me.

Like I said, I’ve been given much.

Loved much.

Freed much.

And I get to enjoy it all,




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