My friend Ashmi – 70/100

I’m in San Francisco visiting a kindred spirit, a friend that I’ve never met before in person. Her name is Ashmi.

We met online through our blogs – I had commented on one of her posts that really resonated with me and she responded a couple weeks later after reading through my blog.

Once she responded, our friendship took off via Facebook Messenger. We immediately shared a similar energy and outlook on life.

Even though she was working and traveling abroad in Portugal, Israel, South Africa, Thailand, and Bali, and I was consistently posted in SoCal, there was an immediate connection and closeness that one need only enjoy and allow without questions and attempts to understand the magic of the friendship.

There was something very deep that we got to share, an excitement for life at the heart and soul level. It was infectious.

And that led to us scheduling a Skype call.

And another.

And another.

Over the next several months, we continued to keep in touch, calling with updates, new awarenesses, learnings, celebrations, etc.

It was effortless.

At one point after a few Skype calls, I told her if she ever came back to California to visit (her hometown is near SF), I’d come visit her.

There was and is such an appreciation for this human being that I was able to connect with (thank you Internet), I couldn’t conceive of the idea of not meeting her in person if the opportunity came.

And the opportunity came.

She came back to Cali for two months for weddings and catching up.

We talked about a weekend that worked for both of us.

I booked a flight.

On my way here, I got skeptical looks from people, concern, worry, and doubt.

All understandable.

Because I was about to spend a weekend with someone I had never met.

But the pull was too strong. The vibes and energy was unmistakable.

I chose to trust my initial impulse and do my best to make this weekend seem less intimidating to others. (It is really hard to say that a “heart and soul connection” justifies spending a weekend with someone I’ve never been in the physical presence of.)

And here we are.

As I exited the airport, I felt nervousness and the possibility of doubt.

What if she was actually a serial killer?

What if what everyone said was right?

What if I’m just a stupid naive child about to learn the lesson of her life?

As I approached our meeting spot, I put everything aside.

She got out of her car and we rushed in for a hug and squealed like little girls.

Taken right after the hug – to prove to the outside world we don’t have plans to kill each other.

The connection was real.

It was exactly like the virtual space we had met in.

The energy, the vibes, the openness – they were and are all real.

All fear and doubt dissolved.

And I was and am extremely pleased with my decision.

This is how I want to do life.

I want to be led by heart and soul.

I want to trust myself.

I want to try things, be open to making mistakes.

No, I’m not trying to live dangerously.

I’m trying to live freely and openly.

I did this time, and it yielded quite a beautiful friendship and connection that otherwise wouldn’t have happened.

Life is beautiful.

Dolores Park with Ashmi and friends (not pictured).

It doesn’t need to be explained or understood.

It doesn’t need to feel 100% safe all the time.

I can enjoy this.

In fact, the not knowing is part of it.

I welcome it.

Here’s to all of Life, all the people that want to come through, all the experiences already coming through to meet this curious and open mind.






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