Remembering me – 71/100

I read through an old journal post. It was more of a random stream of consciousness inspired by a weekend at my Spiritual Psychology program.

I feel a little shy sharing this because it sounds narcissistic. It sounds conceited, self-absorbed, even self-righteous.

There’s a voice that says, “Don’t expose your inner thoughts, they might offend or annoy. You might be judged as naive and ignorant.”

But there’s also another voice, a quieter one surfacing from the depths within, that asks, without judgment and disdain for the first voice,


I’m listening to the one that sounds like it knows what it’s doing. Here we go.


I am Wonderful. Wonder-filled.

I am Perfect and Lovely.

I am letting go of my misbelief that I am a disappointment. I am surrendering the judgment that I am unworthy of what I want. I have done great. I am worthy of being proud of me. I am proud of me.

Inside, I am an overflowing vessel.

Water flows over the brim, running down the sides, spreading around me.

I am abundant. I am being met by the universe.

I feel like there’s something underneath all this (things to process and release in order to allow and create the life I want to live), but I am running toward the light, toward the love, toward the Good.

I know what I want. I know who I am. I am using my voice to go for it. I am using my voice to partner with the universe.

I am a gift. I’ve always been coming back to that. I’ve always been seeking myself, seeking truth.

And it always comes back to this. Me. All of me.







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