Follow the feelings – 75/100




Never feeling-less.

Emotions rule the land of humanity,

the safari of connection.

There, no man is exempt.

No person is free from the gift of sensing, feeling.

Though some attempt to flee it like a curse.

Some feel that not feeling is easier.

Some think that thinking is more sensible.

Some prefer to stifle,








their feelings.

In the end, they all come through.

They all flood through, like rain over dry cracked ground,

unable to seep into the top level surface,

overwhelmed by the untamable torrent of all that is Life,

all that is meant to lead to freedom, health, and happiness.

Denial is a real thing.

With it, we serve fear while masking truth.

The pain that follows is unbearable and we seek ways to stifle, block, dismiss, ignore, neglect, punish, condemn, and judge the pain.

Pain begets pain

begets pain

begets pain.

Until we take responsibility,

take the chance,

look inside,

face the calling within.

Until we embrace who we are and what we are capable of as our birthright, not our misfortune, our cancer.

When we do,

we heal.

We mend.

We restore ourselves,

our worth,

our dignity,

our honor.

We usher light into the darkness,

and see that we are not the monsters we made ourselves out to be.

That we are not problems,

we are not issues,

we are not diagnoses.

We are humans,

we are souls,

we are worthy beings.

Here and only here is our fighting chance at a good life, a true life.

Here and only here is the love we desire, the love we crave from others.

Follow the feelings, they will show you.

They will show you home

to the God within.






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