The past month has been a quiet one for me.

Somewhat of a sobering one.

In the past, I might have said I lost my voice for a month.

In the past, I might have apologized for my silence, to myself, to anyone that reads my stuff.

In the past, I might have cringed and groveled with every keystroke, attempting to soothe my insecurity with words on words on words.

Today, it all seems so far away.

I guess it could look like apathy.

But I won’t say it is, because I don’t think it is.

I know it wasn’t that I lost my voice,

because I never could,

not then,

and not now.

PC: Jolie

When once I thought my world was crumbling,

I now know, I now feel that something deeper is happening,

something is being built,

something that cannot be defined or contained,

something that cannot be manufactured,

something that cannot be bought,

something that cannot be stolen,

something that cannot be removed from me.

Something that is happening in a deep place within.

Something that wants to happen within every single human.


Leading into freedom.

Leading into love,

into greater capacities of love,

of Life,

of Hope,

of Truth.

It’s looked like crying at times,

pensive moments of realization at others,

ecstasy of the fullness of each moment at others,



All leading toward intense active hope,

not passive wishing or empty dreams.

All leading toward intense active joy,

pure and full, so delicate yet so deafening.

All leading toward intense active freedom,

exhilarating beyond measure, thought, and imagination.

Perhaps it hasn’t been such a quiet month after all.

The words that were not spilled on this blog or in my journal

have been engraved within, at unspeakable depth.

And I’ve lived through it to tell a story about it,

to perhaps translate the truth and love and inspiration the way I can,

the way it can be received by others.

Not because I’m special,

but rather, because I am human,

just like you.

And, as a fellow human, experiencing and plunging into the fullness of Life and Love and Joy,

perhaps I can whisper to you, my fellow human,

that, all you seek does exist.

And not only does it exist,

but it wants to be with you in your lifetime.

I am telling you,

as my desires have whispered to me,

you are worthy,

you are magnificent,

we are worthy,

we are magnificent.

The work is in remembering who we are,

in being what we are,

in allowing what we want.

That is all.



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