My sincere ass prayer

Spirit, I welcome you. I invite you.

Let’s talk.

Let’s talk about my worthiness.

I’d like to pick a bone with you.

And I probably will get crap for talking crap on my life.

But that’s okay.

Because I feel what I feel.

I know what I know.

And all that is MF valid.

I feel frustration and annoyance that I “can’t” be me at home.

I feel anxiety that things aren’t happening my way.

Not terribly a lot, but enough to notice and throw it at you.

I feel pressure building up…

And I’m letting go.

I don’t know why I haven’t come into a business that rocks my world.

I don’t know why I’m not finding reliable roommates or room for rent.

I don’t know why it feels not easy, not as easy as you teach me through people.

Where am I resisting?

Where am I blocking myself?

I don’t buy into the idea of destiny like I used to.

I don’t buy into the idea that I may never be what I want to be.

I know that’s there, and I don’t buy into it.

Because I choose to live an extraordinary life.

I choose to be an extraordinary being in extraordinary times.

I choose extraordinary in every way.

So, with this breath, I release unto you,

my heart,

my soul,

my thoughts,

my feelings.

I bare everything to you, the flow and current of the universe,

the whisperer of my heart,

the lover of my gaze and soul.

I lean back

and allow

the fullness and perfection of What Is to be complete in my life.

I know I’m supposed to carry my vibration high and match it to what I want,

and I know I’m also feeling what I’m feeling.

And I just want you to know that’s what’s up.

So, whenever you’re ready, I’m ready.

You’re probably saying, No, Grace, whenever you’re ready, I’m ready.

Okay fine.

I’m ready.

I’m open,




(almost) every goddamn word that ends with -able and -ible.

I’m ready.


Okay, I thought I was done.

But no.

I realize that, everything is on its way.

And truly many things have already landed.


Attending USM’s Soul-Centered Living II program.


Family (and still more to come heehee).

Okay fine.

You’re right.

You’re freaking right.

There is so much.

So much gratitude,


grace ha!,


Okay okay, I see that.

I acknowledge you,

I acknowledge me.

I acknowledge our partnership.

Okay fine.

We’re good.

I trust,

I believe,

I rest,

I party.

Because you’re right, this life is a motherfucking party.

And I got lost somewhere in the basement for a moment.

Just had to check down there, y’know?

See that it’s still there.

So it’s there.

We’re good.

K, thanks.

I’m off to enjoy everything we have planned.

And then some.


and Peace.

– me

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Walking my journey, evolving endlessly into the Me I came to Be.

3 thoughts on “My sincere ass prayer

  1. Thank you for sharing.

    Patience, my love, patience. You have brought much into your physical plane as of the past 8 months+.
    I have watched you-

    Relationship, Job, money, home (you just have to find one and pick one), and soooo much more in between those the lines. That’s just what’s easily visible, in the physical world/ goal line.

    You JUST called in further co-creation with a project that you’re managing and configuring. That’s a huge one.

    You ARE, in the NOW, playing full & all out. You called in this co-creation, and now you have it. You are set, for at least the next 10 months.

    Whoever said receiving abundance, co-creating with spirit, & playing full & all out, was easy??

    Thank you, again. I love that you release so much that’s so true to you here.

  2. Thanks for this, Grace. I too, get stuck in the basement. So thank you for passing me a box of lightbulbs with this…it can get awfully dark down there at times!!!

    1. Mark, I don’t know why but I’m JUST now seeing this comment. Thank you for your words. And I’m glad we can all get out of the basement together. <3

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